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Photograph of the northern wall of the Mormon temple in Mesa, Arizona



Following is a statistical profile of the country of France, which includes a list of the temples, missions, stakes, and districts headquartered there.

Profile of France

Number of Temples 1 Temple
Number of Missions 2 Missions
Number of Units 10 Stakes
Number of Congregations 66 Wards, 43 Branches

Temples of France

Temple Dedicated
Paris France Temple May 21, 2017

Missions of France

Mission Organized
France Lyon Mission July 1, 1991
France Paris Mission June 18, 1850

Stakes of France

Unit Organized
Bordeaux France Stake May 24, 1992
Lille France Stake January 17, 1988
Lyon France Stake September 9, 1990
Nancy France Stake April 24, 1983
Nice France Stake May 14, 1980
Paris France East Stake March 8, 1992
Paris France South Stake September 15, 2013
Paris France Stake November 16, 1975
Rennes France Stake December 14, 2003
Toulouse France Stake September 22, 2002
"Prepare now for the temple, the mountain of the Lord. Never allow the goal of the temple to be out of your sight. Walk into His presence in purity and virtue, and receive His blessings—even 'all that he hath.'"
—Elaine S. Dalton

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