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Following is a statistical profile of the country of Haiti, which includes a list of the temples, missions, stakes, and districts headquartered there.

Profile of Haiti

Number of Temples 1 Temple
Number of Missions 1 Mission
Number of Units 4 Stakes, 3 Districts
Number of Congregations 24 Wards, 22 Branches

Temples of Haiti

Temple Dedicated
Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple Under Construction

Missions of Haiti

Mission Organized
Haiti Port-au-Prince Mission August 1, 1984

Stakes and Districts of Haiti

Unit Organized
Carrefour Haiti Stake September 9, 2012
Croix-des-Missions Haiti Stake September 16, 2012
Gonaïves Haiti District November 28, 1999
Les Cayes Haiti District February 6, 1990
Port-au-Prince Haiti North Stake September 7, 2003
Port-au-Prince Haiti Stake August 31, 1990
Saint Marc Haiti District March 18, 2012
"The temple endowment was given by revelation. Thus, it is best understood by revelation, prayerfully sought with a sincere heart. "
—Russell M. Nelson

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