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Louisville Kentucky Temple

76th operating temple

Louisville Kentucky Mormon Temple
Physical Address
7116 West Highway 22
Crestwood, Kentucky  40014
United States
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 366
Crestwood, KY  40014-0366
Telephone  502-241-4115
Facsimile  502-241-3114

Announcement:  17 March 1999
Groundbreaking and Site Dedication:  29 May 1999 by John K. Carmack
Public Open House:  4–11 March 2000
Dedication:  19 March 2000 by Thomas S. Monson

Site:  3 acres (including adjacent meetinghouse).
Exterior Finish:  Imperial Danby White marble quarried in Vermont.
Ordinance Rooms:  Two ordinance rooms (two-stage progressive) and two sealing.
Total Floor Area:  10,700 square feet.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Elder John K. Carmack of the Seventy and president of the North America East Area who presided over the groundbreaking services for the Louisville Kentucky Temple, spoke on the importance of temples in the life of the eternal family. Joseph Smith was intensely interested in the work of temples in the later years of his life, he noted. Having built the Kirtland Temple, laid the groundwork for two temples in Missouri, and nearly completed the Nauvoo Temple, the Prophet was "preoccupied" with temples and seeing that the Quorum of the Twelve had received the ordinances. Elder Carmack pointed out that "the way we live here has consequences in the next life." He then quoted Hugh Nibley in saying that ordinances create order from chaos, and that like an observatory, the temple helps one get a bearing on the universe (Church News, 5 June 1999).

"I should not like to contemplate an existence, especially one that is going to continue forever, if I could not enjoy that existence with those whom I love. And so we build temples in the name of the Lord."
—Hugh B. Brown

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