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Mormon temples, like the Port-au-Prince Haiti Mormon Temple, are Houses of the Lord

Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple

Temple District

Congregations are organized into stakes, districts, and branches, which belong to a temple district. Following are the stakes and districts will belong to the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple District.
The Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple will serve members from 4 stakes and 3 districts headquartered in Haiti:

Carrefour Haiti Stake
Croix-des-Missions Haiti Stake
Gonaïves Haiti District
Les Cayes Haiti District
Port-au-Prince Haiti North Stake
Port-au-Prince Haiti Stake
Saint Marc Haiti District
"But let us…recite the crowning reason for gathering to Zion or to her stakes. It is to receive the blessings found in the temples of the Lord."
—Bruce R. McConkie

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