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Photograph of the northern wall of the Mormon temple in Mesa, Arizona



Following is a statistical profile of the country of Spain, which includes a list of the temples, missions, stakes, and districts headquartered there.

Profile of Spain

Number of Temples 1 Temple
Number of Missions 3 Missions
Number of Units 14 Stakes, 4 Districts
Number of Congregations 85 Wards, 54 Branches

Temples of Spain

Temple Dedicated
Madrid Spain Temple March 19, 1999

Missions of Spain

Mission Organized
Spain Barcelona Mission May 8, 1976
Spain Madrid Mission July 11, 1970
Spain Málaga Mission July 1, 1976

Stakes and Districts of Spain

Unit Organized
Baleares Spain District August 16, 1994
Barcelona Spain Stake October 31, 1982
Cádiz Spain Stake February 19, 1995
Cartagena Spain Stake December 2, 2012
Elche Spain Stake November 9, 1997
Granada Spain Stake June 13, 2004
Hospitalet Spain Stake June 1, 1997
La Mancha Spain District April 30, 1991
Las Palmas Spain Stake October 2, 1984
León Spain District December 15, 1985
Lléida Spain Stake November 11, 2012
Madrid Spain Central Stake December 2, 2012
Madrid Spain East Stake January 17, 1999
Madrid Spain West Stake March 14, 1982
Santiago Spain District May 11, 1980
Seville Spain Stake February 14, 1988
Valencia Spain Stake June 8, 2003
Vitoria Spain Stake September 6, 2009
"And thou shalt bring Aaron and his sons unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and wash them with water. And thou shalt put upon Aaron the holy garments, and anoint him, and sanctify him."
—Exodus 40:12–13

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