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Mormon temples, like the Logan Utah Mormon Temple, are Houses of the Lord

Logan Utah Temple

Temple District

Congregations are organized into stakes, districts, and branches, which belong to a temple district. Following are the stakes belonging to the Logan Utah Temple District.
The Logan Utah Temple serves members from 39 stakes headquartered in Cache Valley Utah and Southeast Idaho:

Cache Valley Utah
Benson Utah Stake
Hyde Park Utah Stake
Hyrum Utah North Stake
Hyrum Utah Stake
Logan Utah Cache Stake
Logan Utah Cache West Stake
Logan Utah Central Stake
Logan Utah East Stake
Logan Utah Married Student 1st Stake
Logan Utah Married Student 2nd Stake
Logan Utah Mount Logan Stake
Logan Utah South Stake
Logan Utah Stake
Logan Utah YSA 1st Stake
Logan Utah YSA 2nd Stake
Logan Utah YSA 3rd Stake
Logan Utah YSA 4th Stake
Logan Utah YSA 5th Stake
Logan Utah YSA 6th Stake
Mendon Utah Stake
Nibley Utah Stake
North Logan Utah Green Canyon Stake
North Logan Utah Stake
Providence Utah South Stake
Providence Utah Stake
Providence Utah YSA Stake
Richmond Utah Stake
River Heights Utah Stake
Smithfield Utah North Stake
Smithfield Utah South Stake
Smithfield Utah Stake
Smithfield Utah YSA Stake
Wellsville Utah Stake

Southeast Idaho
Arimo Idaho Stake
Franklin Idaho Stake
Grace Idaho Stake
Paris Idaho Stake
Preston Idaho North Stake
Preston Idaho South Stake
"Finally it may be said that the temple endowment is not secret. All who meet the requirements for entrance to the temple may enjoy it. "
—John A. Widtsoe

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