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Managua Nicaragua Temple


Location:  Managua, Nicaragua.
Proposed:  18 January 2012 by Russell M. Nelson

Temple History

"I promise you that when you are ready, the Lord will do His part so that you have a temple," said Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve to Nicaraguan members gathered for a member meeting on January 18, 2012. The prophetic promise was pronounced after he encouraged members in their holiness and in their family history work. He further urged members to develop Christlike love for one another, to pray, to acquire knowledge through scripture study, and to cultivate perseverance.

The apostle's visit was not his first to Nicaragua. "Being here today brings back sweet memories," said Elder Nelson, who first visited the country in 1990 with Elder Richard G. Scott, following the dedication of El Salvador for the preaching of the gospel, and again in 1996 with President Gordon B. Hinckley, following the organization of the Atiquizaya El Salvador Stake. "I know that the Church will continue to grow and bless this nation. You will be the means by which the Lord will pour out His blessings." In his closing remarks, Elder Nelson testified of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and gave thanks for the faith, devotion, and tithes and offerings offered by the members in Nicaragua.

Elder Nelson began his Central American journey in San Salvador, on assignment from the First Presidency, which included a training meeting for priesthood leaders held in the meetinghouse adjacent to the San Salvador El Salvador Temple. The next day, he presided over the San Salvador El Salvador La Libertad Stake Conference where he pronounced an apostolic blessing upon El Salvador members who live the gospel and remain faithful to their covenants.1

1. José Peña, "'Elder Nelson Concludes Visit to Central America,'" 3 Feb. 2012, 3 Feb. 2012 .

"And I, Nephi, did build a temple; and I did construct it after the manner of the temple of Solomon…and the workmanship thereof was exceedingly fine."
—2 Nephi 5:16

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