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Photograph of the northern wall of the Mormon temple in Mesa, Arizona


Following is a statistical profile of the country of Italy, which includes a list of the temples, missions, stakes, and districts headquartered there.

Profile of Italy

Number of Temples 1 Temple
Number of Missions 2 Missions
Number of Units 10 Stakes
Number of Congregations 61 Wards, 40 Branches

Temples of Italy

Temple Dedicated
Rome Italy Temple Under Construction

Missions of Italy

Mission Organized
Italy Milan Mission July 1, 1971
Italy Rome Mission August 2, 1966

Stakes of Italy

Unit Organized
Alessandria Italy Stake June 10, 2007
Florence Italy Stake March 7, 1971
Milan Italy East Stake September 16, 2012
Milan Italy West Stake June 7, 1981
Palermo Italy Stake March 19, 1978
Puglia Italy Stake March 9, 1997
Rome Italy East Stake May 22, 2005
Rome Italy West Stake September 15, 2013
Venice Italy Stake September 15, 1985
Verona Italy Stake March 2, 2008
"Therefore let the Saints be diligent in building the Temple, and all houses which they have been, or shall hereafter be, commanded of God to build; and wait their time with patience in all meekness, faith, perseverance unto the end."
—Joseph Smith

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